Two years ago today. Ted and I cannot believe it’s already been two years. This is one anniversary that is not anticipated with excitement. Today we (YWAM Denver community)  honoured their legacy by passing out roses with this little note attached. Ted and I joined a group of staff and headed to the Arvada Police Department to thank them for everything they did for us two years ago. It was actually very, very good for us both.
One thing we have battled each time this date rolls around, is fighting the good memouries with the awful ones. Allowing the fear, the memories, the flashbacks become our main focus of our “December 9th”. This year I truly felt in my heart a peace.
{One which surpasses all understanding}
I feel like I have finally laid down the “whys” and that I can remember as they were. I will dwell on the good memories throughout the year and choose to deal with things as they come up throughout the year.
In the moment it is a lot easier to shut down, but in the long run it’s detrimental to our ability to move forward. And we remember too, it’s not by our strength. We are not alone. He is with us. He surrounds us.

We will never forget this day, but most importantly we will never forget the legacy Phil and Tiffany left behind for it is one that is {unforgettable}!
{We remember.}
And we are challenged;
“What legacy will we leave behind?”

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