My Blondies.

Like son, like father… in this case.
Ted buzzed his ridiculously long golden locks hair.

I love this for two reason: it reminds me of when we first met (just a tad shorter than it was then) and because I see even more of Ted in Chase.

He know who his “dada” is.
(I’m jealous he won’t say mama, but someday!)
talking face, not mad :)
It’s amazing how much Chase {adores} his daddy.
Love it when he puts his lil hand on our cheeks and lays it there for a second.
oh wow. Love this lil guy!
Check out his growing hair!
It’s finally coming back and as blond as ever, as blond as Ted.
So blonde in fact people always say he is bald until up close.
At least for right now :)
This was 3-4 weeks ago.
See the golden shine!
I’m pretty much head over heels for my blonde boys.
{head. over. heels.}

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