Jami’s You Know Your A Momma When… (#3)

  • You have even more respect for your mother.
  • Your day is scheduled around your baby and no longer around you.
  • Somedays you spend more time interacting with your baby than with adults.
  • You have to rev your vacuum on slowly so not to scare your little man.
  • You’re reflexes are as quick as can be when you see his lil “wee wee” act like it’s gonna shower everything.
  • “Lub you”, “binkie”, “poo”, “stinky”, “blankie”, “dada” etc are among your most common used vocabulary words lately.
  • It’s hard each time he outgrows your favourite outfit for him.
  • You have a dance party by yourself just to make your little man giggle.
  • You think being a momma is the best and most rewarding job you’ve ever had.
  • 1/3 of your day is spent b’feeding or changing diapers.
  • You go out on a date or a girl’s night and grab the diaper bag instead of your purse.
  • He falls asleep and you spend his entire nap time debating whether you should nap or clean… and before you know it, he wakes up.
  • You desire for him to know he is secure and loved.
  • You see the importance of the saying, “Family first”.
  • You now look forward to the naptime you once dreaded as a child (for yourself).
  • You can recite Goodnight Moon by heart.
  • You think each new milestone is bittersweet.
  • You see other mom’s out running and errands and make it a point to smile at them.
  • He is b’feeding and you can’t really do much, you do silly blog posts like this one. :)

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