Always, Sometimes, Never.

I Always…

Want to blog about something.
Had the desire to be a momma.
Think family should come first.
Find a reason to take a picture.
Seem to lose to ruin the cell phone I own.
Enjoy thrift store shopping.
Love sweets.
Prefer laundry to cooking.
Feel really proud when Ted introduces me as his wife.
Seek truth and justice.
I sometimes…
Am reminded of Thailand in the little things around me.
Waste my time and regret it.
Wish I was better at the things I am passionate about.
Talk gibberish with my baby boy.
React before thinking.
Wound easily.
Forget to send the Thank You’s I write and find them much, much later.
Have terrible nightmares that I can’t shake.
Run errands in sweat pants.
Head to the home decor section and wish we had a long term home to decorate.
Keep silent when I have something to say.
Wonder if I am parenting Chase right.
Try to be an extravert at YWAM then come home exhausted.
Think I live in a bubble.
I never…

Realized how selfish I am until I was married (and now with a baby).
Thought it would take so long for me to get pregnant.
Expected labor to be so painful. (I really thought I was dying a few times.)
Had more than $4,000 in our bank account as a couple and that was a one time deal :)
Like confronting people.
Feel completely secure in who I am. (Working on that.)
Want to forget what Christ has done for me.
Want to forget the things I am most passionate about.

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