The Tough Questions.

Today when I was writing one of my dearest friends an email,
I was reminded of what God spoke to me two years ago September when I was questioning him
with the “whys” and “where were you when…” and about hurts, etc.

He said,
“I trust you to trust in me.”

It was so simple, yet it stuck.
I needed to hear Him speak.

And He spoke exactly what I needed to hear.
Initially, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and it wasn’t easy to do.
Actually… it still is hard (hence, last nights blog)
It is hard, but today I’m reminded of this and giving it ALL to him.
Thank you Father, for allowing me to ask the tough questions and thank you, even more, for answering my cries with what I need to hear you speak, rather than what I want to hear! You are trustworthy. I know this.

2 thoughts on “The Tough Questions.

  1. Kaibab says:

    I am there with you. It is such a difficult struggle at times. Sometimes what you hear from others just makes us feel more stuck. Try to remember, God doesn't want our lives, he wants us, he wants our hearts. Don't worry about the rest, it will follow in time, when you are ready.


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