Forever 21.

I am still walking, not everyday but most! This past week food poisoning knocked me out for 2 whole days! Ugh!

I can’t wait until I feel ready to run! I am still a wimp with my incision. I still feel the twinges and sharp pain here and there. Once I feel ready, probably in two months at Chase’s half birthday, I will run!
Please pray for me to be strong in self control! I really need to drop another 17 pounds in order to be healthy for my height, but most importantly I want to be healthy!
So far breast feeding has only helped keep the pounds off from how awfully I’ve eaten since I had Chase. So yay for that, but I can’t help but wonder where I would be if I would have started right away.
Oh well.
I set a goal of 8-10 pounds by Christmas which is 48 days away. I could lose just 2 or even 1 pound a week, that’s attainable! If I reach my goal, then my sister and I are going to Forever 21 and pick out a new outfit for me!
8-10 pounds. Forever 21. Here I come!

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