Not Me!

I am not jealous of my baby boy’s eyelashes. Nope, not me!
For the past two weeks, while my usually mellow lil guy became fussy throughout the day and restless/upset throughout the night, I did not accept advice that “this is normal” and I did not take the advice and even let him cry it out a few times when in fact he was teething! I know my child better than that, so nope not me!

I did not shed a few tears of frustration and tears of exhaustion almost every night last week due to those ^ restless nights.

Because of how much I do not like photography and documenting things, I do not look through my photo albums to help me remember what I did not do the past week :)

I am not thriiiiiiiilled happy that we have the house to ourselves for the next 10 days!

On Monday last week, I did not forget a “just in case” outfit for Chase and when he had a blowout-poo, during staff meeting of course, I did not have to walk out, change the mess and walk back in with a partially nakey boy! I plan better than that, so nope, not me!

I did not post even more ridiculous, yet cute, videos of Chase this past week.

I am not thinking more and more about having another baby, sooner than I thought I ever would. When people ask me about how many kids we want to have or when do you want another baby… I do not reply with “I would honestly get pregnant again now or in a few months if it weren’t for the c-section”… Chase is so young, that would be craaazy, nope not me!

I am not veggin’ out this afternoon and I am not watching the Tyra show as I type. Such a waste of time, so nope not me!

Chase did not beginning teething in the last two weeks. Not my child, not at 3 months old! :*(

Due to the teething, my boy does not constantly stick his fingers in this mouth, knawing away and ultimetely gagging himself and occasionally vomit because of this!
During the worship time at church, Chase did not gag himself with his fingers (yes, again) and vomit down the front and the back my dressy black sweater.

While mommy was at work Friday, he did not have one, two THREE blowout poos by the time we left that evening!

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