Starting Over.

I’ve had my reality check. I’ve had my meltdown.

I’ve set more realistic goals.
I was reading an article in BabyTalk and in it, it encourages you to “focus on your health, not whether you can fit into your jeans”. It also talks about being realistic, buddying up and giving yourself credit where it’s due.
“Creating life is a sacred experience. It can offer a new perspective on what matters most. And we can assure you, it’s not fitting into your old jeans.”

This made me laugh. And encouraged me.
I did gain an unreasonable amount. Somehow (it has to be breastfeeding), I have managed to lose almost all of it, but we still have a way to go to “being healthy and fit”.
Today my friend Emma went walking with me. She is so encouraging and inspiring. In fact, she just ran the Denver Marathon (26 miles) on Sunday last week! She’s amazing and is encouraging me during this time. Anyways, we began walking together. And I am also choosing to get up and walk on my own.
I’ve walked a total of 5 miles so far this week. Which may not seem like much, but to me it is huge! It’s a step.
I’ve decided the best thing to do for me, is to lean on Him in this time, recognize who I am in Him, have a healthy perceptive on my body image and begin taking care of myself.
Here we go! Um… again. :)

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