My Downfall.

It’s not food…well it’s that too but… it’s beverages MORE than food. I am feeling discouraged today with my body. I still drink Dr. Pepper all of the time! I am better than before I was prego, yes, but it’s still so awful!

I’m addicted, plain and simple.

Advice? Encouragement? Alternative?
Even the hansen’s natural soda’s aren’t cutting it for me anymore. It’s like when I used to give Chase a binky in the car when he really wanted to eat and he would just glare at me or scream until he could eat.
Terrible analogy, I know.
Pray for me? Haha.
One encouraging thing… my curls are COMING BACK!
You are thinking one of two things;
  1. If you know me you are saying “and you’re excited about this?” Yes! Ted loves them and I actually miss them!
  2. If you know me a lil you are thinking “what are you talking about?” well…I was convinced I was having a girl while prego because my naturally curly hair began to slowly fade into waves and then barely anything!

Last night I decided to try and add curling jell because I thought I saw some waves the other day when I got my hair cut… and sure enough it’s curling again!!

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