You Know Your A Momma When… (#2)

You know you’re a momma when…
  • You speak in a silly voice saying “wanna go home and sick in your bumbo seat?” over and over to your little man, despite the fact that there are students walking towards you and you know you sound a bit insane, not to mention the fact that they are probably thinking “what the heck is a bumbo seat?”.
  • While changing an awfully full, pooed diaper in front of your younger siblings and you say “oooh yummy!” while they all gag. :)
  • You pick your babies nose for them without being disgusted.
  • You hear the regular flu/swine flu is close to home and you buy a large bottle of hand sanitizer and ask everyone who wants to touch your little guy to please use it.
  • When visiting the baby section is the new highlight of going to the store.
  • Your little guy vomits what feels like a gallon in your hair, down your neck, in your shirt, all over your arms, etc. and you react calmly and respond to his crying first rather than the fact that your covered in vomit!
  • You become a pro at popping the stroller open with no problem (now getting is back in the trunk is another story).
  • You don’t mind making a total goof out of yourself in order to make your little guy smile or laugh during his grumpy moments.
  • Your ‘sent’ box for texts is constantly filling up with photos of your boy you send to friend, family and of course facebook.
  • When Carters becomes the new Pacsun/Zumiez in your life.
  • When your little man wants to eat NOW while your out with friends and the only place you can find to feed him is a table in front of the main entrance to a crowded coffee shop.
  • You blog about things you do as a mother while (or instead of) watching the movie you’ve rented for a Saturday eve. :D

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