A ‘Not Me Monday’.

I am not posting this with Chase passed out on my shoulder. (I am getting mad momma skills).
I did not commit to giving up drinking dr. pepper this week and I did not already sneak one when Ted wasn’t looking. I am also not drinking a can of Dr. Pepper right now… um, nope, not me because it’s only the first day!
I do not post a photo (or more) a day on facebook. I do not document every little thing! Nope, not me!

this is what Chase is doing right now…
When people comment to me in person about the photos I do not sometimes feel so incredibly silly and say “yeah, I’m a little ridiculous” and believe it to be true. And of course I do not continue to post these photos regardless of that I know this. Nope, not me!

While visiting a harvest farm with friends last week, I did not put Chase too close to a large goat and this goat did not attempt to bit my son. Chase did not freak out when two large goats came our way a bit later.
If you were to stop by my house at any given moment last week, you would not see a pile of dirty diapers stacked in a box beside Chase’s changing table. We do not keep forgetting to stop by Wal-mart with a baby gift card and buy a diaper jeanie… nope, I would never leave a pile of dirty diapers!
I did not spend most of saturday in pajamas, even after a morning shower and I most certainly did not ignore our dirty house and I did not veg out the entire day… nope, not me!
I did not frighten Chase more than once this week, whether it be from the vacuum, to sneezing, to turning music on, etc… I would never forget he is easily frightened and make that mistake!
Saturday morning when I stripped Chase down to his diaper (cause we LOVE his chubby belly) and put him in bed between Ted and I, he pooped a “blow out” on the sheets and my shirt. I did not then use a diaper wipe to “clean” my shirt and wear it the rest of the morning before showering. Nope, not me!
When carrying Chase and a huge thing of water on one arm and our ridiculously huge diaper bag and empty car seat on the other arm and someone offers to help, I did not reply with “Oh I’ve got it, thanks” because I felt like I should already be on top of carrying everything and our baby. Nope, not me!
I do not occasionally say what I want to say through Chase. For example; I do not say “Daddy, It’s time to go” or “Daddy your beard hurts my face, you should shave” or “Daddy, want to come to bed”… etc. Nope, NEVER me!

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