First things first…

I am giving up soda starting next week. I know we always say “I’ll begin Monday” and I guess this is kind of like that (I have a little bit left in the fridge. What? I can’t waste it! ;) ) But Ted will be helping keep me accountable, he rarely drinks it, so that helps!

Since I came home from the hospital, I started drinking Dr. Pepper again (I lived off of it pre-pregnancy). I was hoping after not having it for so long, that I would dislike it… WRONG. I have a glass or can EVERY day now… sad huh?
I have such an addictive personality, unfortunately! I have a liter of Dr. Pepper left and then I’m done and I’m serious. I might have to wean myself off or maybe it will be easy because I haven’t been drinking it that long.
Why I need to stop drinking soda:
  • I need to learn self control. (oh boy it’s hard!)
  • High fructose corn syrup among other lovely things…
  • I have a son, who in a year or two will want everything mommy has and we don’t want our kids to have sode (that’s the plan anyways).
  • I want to lose the baby weight, not put more on!
How sad? I have to wean myself of DR. PEPPER! Hahaha….
A little off topic but I want to say CONGRATS to my hubby for losing 5 lbs!! He began running two weeks ago and is already losing weight! He too gained baby weight unfortunately!

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