The Davis (not a diet) Lifestyle Change.

Today I went jean shopping… need I say more?

Well, yes because it’s me. ;)
Jean shopping before I had a baby was awful. I always wanted to be a size smaller. If only I could rewind and be grateful for the size I once was! I’ve never have a good view on my body image and that is my desire!
I bought a pair so I at least have a pair that I like and feel comfortable in for the fall.
I feel a bit more confident with my body than I did even last week.
My first efforts at working out;
Dancing with Chase! I choose 2 songs, each 3 minutes or longer and dance, take a break between songs and dance again! I do this twice daily! Chase loves it and I am feeling it. My thighs muscles are almost non-existant so I really do feel like I’ve worked out!
Ted and I have made a “plan” for me to lose the baby weight. He too is losing weight right now, so that is helping me get motivated. I have an accountability partner!
Our goal is not to diet, count calories or go cold turkey on our favourite foods and drinks. Instead we are slowly cutting things out and we are choosing healthier foods and portions while working out.
It’s the Davis lifestyle change, not a diet!

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