You Know Your A Momma When…

We’ve finally moved on from “you know you’re prego when” to this!

You know you’re a momma when:
  • I have a hard time with boogers, snot, sneezing people, etc yet I can get a booger from his nose, like it’s no big deal.
  • When he pees up his side and on me, but I just leave it because he finally just fell asleep.
  • My heart explodes with love every time he snuggles momma.
  • It also bursts when he pulls away while eating just to coo or smile up at me! Oh my word!
  • I’ve learned two new “languages”; baby talk and Chase’s cries.
  • When he spits up a little bit on my shirt and I still wear it the rest of the day.
  • When my desire to hold him is stronger than my desire to do the things I am usually most passionate about.
  • When I take speedy showers if he is napping and if he is awake I put him in the bouncer right outside the bathroom, with the door opened and constantly peek my head out to check on him.
  • When I’ll act like such a crazy just to see him smile and coo over and over again. Seriously if you videoed me, I could win America’s Funniest Home Videos. It’s that bad. Sometimes I catch myself and think “I am sooo glad I am home alone!”
  • When I now have the desire to learn to cook like never before. I wish I would have listened to my mom and let her teach me to cook from scratch when I was younger…
  • Despite the many kids and infants on base, I know Chase’s cry immediately.
  • When dance parties with Chase to “I’ve gotta feeling” by the black eyed pees is now a new workout and an evening fav.
  • When I cry when he cries because of pain Ted or I caused. Hasn’t happened much, but both times it broke my heart.
  • When I sacrifice the desire to have cleanly shaven legs each day and can now get away with shaving maybe 3 times a week, 4 if I’m lucky. I used to shave my legs every single day. It was a must in my mind.
  • When friends, family, or Ted hold Chase and he cries, I can usually pin point what the cry means and fix it immediately.
  • Somedays I only have time to shave ONE leg before I hear his crying in the monitor.
  • When I can somehow manage to drive and reach back to hold a binky in his mouth to keep him from crying hysterically. Probably not the safest… yikes.
  • When I constantly feel like I smell like baby poo and breast milk.
  • When it’s hard to say “yes” even when babysitters beg to watch him… at first it’s hard to leave the little guy!
  • When our living room rug is now a baby blanket with baby toys, diapers and wipes on it.
  • When 11:30 pm becomes the perfect time to blog :)
There is so much more, but this momma is sleepy (and we even took a good nap today)!

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