Boys, Boys, BOYS!

This morning our little guy woke up smiling and ready to play, ignorant of what the morning held. SHOTS! We took him to his 2 month checkup for a physical and immunizations. The moment we walked into the office he began to whimper as if he knew what was coming.
I’m totally making this more dramatic than it really was. Good grief.
He got 3 shots today. He screamed, then sobbed and held his breath. I really hate that cry because it breaks my heart. Ted held him and calmed him down, which took a while but he’s fine now. In the moment it seems so intense, ugh! He is totally wiped out from crying and is now napping. Poor guy!
He is now 13 lbs 10 oz (90%) and 23 3/4 inches long (75%). He is healthy and big! Although I just told Ted two days ago that I thought he grew length wise because he seemed thinner. He is still a little chunk for sure, but I could tell he grew.
I’m hoping the weight gain slows down a bit (I think it already is) because as much as I love a chunky baby, hauling him around when he’s 6 months plus is going to be quite the workout! Or maybe that’s a good thing :) Okay, now I’m rambling…
Two of my friends had their baby boys on the same day this week!
September 14th the world welcomed…

Silas Benjamin Lambert
8 lbs 1 oz 22 in

Bodie Benner Shjandemaar
8 lbs 3 oz 19.5 in
Can you believe all of the BOYS that have been born? This is just c r a z y to me! Maybe it is just the people I know, but wow! Here is a list of the babies that have been born within the last year. I only knew two women who gave birth to girls that past year!
August 08- Seth and Samuel Davies (twin boys)
September 08- Olive Scott (girl)
November 08- Ivan Murphy, Atticus Russell, Jadyn Morris (girl)
December 08- Lucas Sotomayor
January 09- Caleb Menna
February 09- Seth Mayo, Ozzi Tempero
March 09- Landen Henkel
May 09- Jereson Lange, Eli Cobb, Zackary Failla
June 09- Asher Alley
July 09- Chase Davis, Josiah Wellington
August 09- Harper Osburn (girl)
September 09- Bodie Shjandemaar, Silas Lambert
October 09- Turpin & Peterson boys due
December 09- Fishlock boy due
3 girls, 20 boys! Boys, boys, boys… I’m loving it!
p.s. Today is the 18th which means Chase is officially 2 months!
Happy 2 months Chase!

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