I have been wearing gauchos for the past few months. Especially the last bit of pregnancy and ever since Chase came.
I haven’t worn jeans since his birth, for two reasons:
  1. I had a fear of trying my jeans on because I knew they wouldn’t fit or if they did they would be super tight.
  2. I was afraid of buttoning jeans over my incision.
This morning I decided to get over both fears and I went for it. I tried on my size 11 jeans and they were loose!! I was so shocked! Since they were loose I decided to just try my size 8 capris and THEY FIT! They buttoned easily!!
Now I look like I have some shape and that I have lost some of the pregnancy weight gain. It’s encouraging!
I am no where near where I want to be but this is progress! I beat myself up so bad about being this big compared to my natural size, but I need to realize that its only been 7 weeks since I had Chase and I haven’t even begun to work out yet and I have already lost quite of bit (more than I thought I would by now).
Now it’s about getting into a healthy lifestyle which will lead up to being fit.
I am encouraged today! For the first time in a while.

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