A Bit Random.

Please pray for my friend Ashton, who was induced this morning and is now in labor! She is due tomorrow and has anxiously been awaiting the arrival of her son. GO ASHTON!

While I’m here and have some time…
Tomorrow (according to the little counter above) Chase will be 2 months. WOW. He has just captured our hearts and most who meet him. He is such a good and happy baby!

In the past week 1/2:
  • He has learned to roll over onto his sides. I now am afraid to leave him on the changing table, even if only for one second.
  • He uses his fists to rubs his eyes when he is tired.
  • He “talks” and coos louder than before. Sometimes he squeals so loudly now! I love it.
  • He has begun to show a lot more personality!
  • He has slept through the night twice or he sleeps very good, waking up only once to feed!
  • He has become more and more a momma’s boy.
  • There have been a few nights where he would not sleep in his crib, but only beside mommy in bed.
I don’t want him to grow up to fast! I feel like he is already!
Okay one more thing before I get ready for work. I made a blog dedicated to me becoming healthy and fit again. I can officially begin working out- which will begin with walking- when Chase is 10 weeks! WOOOHOOO!
If you have any advice I would love it!

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