9 Things I Love About being a momma
(9-9-09 gave me a reason to blog)
::01:: Celebrating the small successes and sharing each one with people! I find joy in the little things, but didn’t always share that joy and now I have a reason to always share Chase’s little successes! Smiling, making bubbles, rolling onto his side, holding his head up, recognizing a toy or face, etc.

::02:: It teaches me to be selfless. A daily lesson. Sometimes an every minute lesson. Getting up earlier than I would normally, sacrificing the raspberry white mocha because it upsets his tummy, taking care of his needs before even thinking about a shower, etc. So good!
::03:: I love that being a mom requires me to be an adult and a child simultaneously. I am allowed to be silly to make my sweet boy laugh, talk in a high pitched voice to coax that smile out, dance like a crazy, soon – play pretend, and someday he will paint and colour with me… but I also must be an adult and immediately responsive to his needs.
::04:: I love the look on his face and in his eyes when I capture his attention and he recognizes “it’s my mommy!” But I also love look he gets when he is crying and he knows I am there and about to hold him in my arms…. oh my w o r d! Melts my heart.
::05:: It teaches me to be patient!

::06:: Being a mother has challenged me more than I’ve ever been challenged before. In integrity, in humility, in my walk with God and in my marriage because one day and sooner than I can imagine, he will begin to watch mommy’s every move. So, I’ve been challenged with what I am doing with my life! Hard but good!
::07:: Watching Ted be a daddy! Words cannot describe!
::08:: Chase’s life has already strengthened the ties with the people who love us.
::09:: It gives me a deeper understanding of love. Whoa. How to even put this into words?! I really can’t.

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