Having fun with photo booth, haha.

sweet boy. 1m 2w 4d

His eyes keep turning more blue than dark or gray.
Loving it whatever way they are.

Milestones as of the past 3 weeks:

  • sleeping and eating better. Nights aren’t too bad!
  • a lot more aware of familiar faces, voices and toys.
  • gets excited at the above. Today in walmart he was even at the verge of giggling while playing ‘peek-a-boo’. (can’t wait for the official bout of giggles).
  • found his fist which he loves sucking.
  • found momma’s hair
  • found his ears. I captured that moment on video and photo! Soon to post.
  • more excitement shown for bathtimes, ‘mr.moose’, momma & daddy’s faces/voices, swing, etc.
  • holds his head up a lot better and tummy times he enjoys a bit more.
  • cuuuudly!! (with me, mostly… we are working on him being cuddly with daddy)
  • 12 lbs 15 oz!!! (our friends here own a scale). He is evening out though and doesn’t look that big honestly.
It’s crazy how fast time flies. He is already 6 1/2 weeks. Whoa. I feel like there is more but it’s 11:13 here in MO where we’re visiting. I’m wiped.
*still writing our birth story. It’s a long process, but (finally) a good one.*
speaking of birth stories… please pray for my friend Ashton! She is anxiously awaiting her little man and needs our prayers!

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