My Incision Drama.

So the “it’s all in my head” thing I have been talking about with my incision… really isn’t all in my head this time. I have been afraid of it “ripping open” and the past few days my incision felt a little different. When I would get up from a seat or move a certain way, I would feel like the right side of the incision felt odd. So last night I began to clean it with a cotton swab and alcohol as I usually do after I shower. This time it felt painful and then stung, so I grabbed a hand mirror to check it out. I still can’t just it without lifting my belly flab a little bit. (It’s getting smaller but definitely still have a jelly belly hiding my incision!)
I lifted the skin and saw something odd and touched the incision. Sure enough puss drained out followed by blood! I felt nauseous but remained calm and immediately went on the web. On one hand, what I researched freaked me out and then I read something that calmed me
down enough to wait to call the doctor today.
Today I forgot about it until I showered this afternoon and then this time as I swiped the cotton swab along the incision, blood covered one side of the cotton ball; enough to make me know something could be wrong. I somehow remained calm, picked up the hand mirror again and looked down to see my incision opened in one area. Then I called my doctor.
Sure enough, my incision opened a tiny bit on the right side. Dr. Hill told me that it is okay and at this point he does not need to sew me up or do a culture to “empty the infection” because I caught this in time to not get an infection. The puss wasn’t a good sign, but he told me that there wasn’t a pocket of puss now and that I can keep an eye on it and keep it clean. He also told me one reason for the puss could be because of water getting trapped under my belly. Sick!
So please pray that this doesn’t get worse and I caught the “infection” in time before it becomes worse!
As I was blow drying my hair quickly before the appointment, I found myself saying to God “If I would have had him naturally, this wouldn’t be a problem right now.” I then immediately thought of this little guy and hushed up;

He is worth everything and more.
Thank you Jesus for bringing my boy safely into this world.
For that I am grateful.

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