A Davis Family Update (Finally).

I think this will be brief because I am writing as Chase is beginning to wake up. Tomorrow is a busy day and that is why I must try and update now. And, it’s been a while! I’m sorry!

First, I wanted to share with you about what is going on in our ministry here in Denver and where God is leading us.

As we’ve shared in the ‘Stepping into the unknown Part 1 and 2’ (I sent an email a while ago, but you can also read about it on our blog) , we have proposed a school of photography here at YWAM Denver.
How is this coming along? Slowly but surely. It has been excepted as a school but it is looking like the first school running will be more of a communication school with the focus of photography and journalism instead of just a journalism and photography school (more details later).
How exciting huh? Yesterday we had a meeting to talk about the school and how to fit our vision with the corecurriculum to be a communication school, which is what we want. Kind of confusing and brief, but I wanted to update. It is exciting! Please keep praying for us as we begin to put the pieces together.
Also, pray for us in what we should name the school. 6 of us our brainstorming the layout, the name, the values and focuses, teachers, etc. We want to have the desire God has for this school! Please pray that we keep that as our main goal and in our hearts and our minds first!
Ted had found an amazing opportunity to do a school of photography in Amsterdam this October but that ended up falling through. It turns out they didn’t have enough housing. We found this out two days after we had Chase and now that we’ve had the time to think about it, we are totally bummed out but we know that God must have another plan for Ted to get the training that he needs!
Will you join us in praying for a way to get trained?
How are we doing as a family of three? Awesome! We love this little man so much already! It’s unbelievable how much love you can have for a little being! Wow! God is so good! He is healthy and beautiful.
(For all of you in the area) We are planning on making a trip up to GSBC soon! In September in fact. Ted leads worship every Sunday at our new church down here and we need to find a replacement for him for one Sunday and then up we come!
A personal prayer request from me (Jami)…
I am struggling to find time with God and time with my son and time with Ted. Time cleaning, eating right, etc. It’s a lot! I am mostly asking for prayer in my times with God. Being in YWAM is such a blessing but I am also surrounded by spiritual things 24/7. I am by no means saying this isn’t a blessing, for it truly is! I am just struggling now that I am at home most of the time and NOT surrounded by that. I am kind of learning all over again, how to find God in everyday living and the everyday things I do. I kind of feel like I am on outreach overseas! I don’t know if I make sense… but please will you pray for me?
Okay, I must run! Love you guys! Thank you for your loving support and prayers!

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