Water Weight & Other Things.

My legs the day we left the hospital; 07/22

My legs with most of the water weight gone; 7/29

While in labor I put on massive water weight. I mean a lot. In my hands, feet, ankles, thighs, face, etc… It kinda of makes sense, because I was being pumped full of liquids for 40 hours plus while in recovery.
While in recovery they realized it really wasn’t getting any better, so they gave me Lasix to help me get rid of some of the water weight. It made me feel nauseous and it also made me pee like none other. Did it help? No!
When Dr. Hill saw my legs he asked them to weigh me and I weighed 8 pounds MORE than I did when I came into the hospital pregnant with our almost 9 pound Chase!! I cried. That’s the last thing I wanted… more weight.
Yesterday they weighed me in the office and I was nervous. I knew the my ankles were starting to show that I have bones, and that in the evening I sweat awfully while sleeping, so I did have an idea that it was coming off. When they weighed me yesterday I was thrilled to watch as the scale read the lowest I’ve seen in months! In fact, from when they had weighed me only 5 days before, I had lost 28 pounds!
It’s actually kind of sick to think about. That’s a TON of water weight, well and Chase’s weight, placenta, etc.
I wasn’t my ideal weight before getting prego, so I would still like to drop 30-35 pounds… but realistically I will set my goal for 20 lbs.
That’s my babbling for today! Birth story coming soon. I’m still a little sensitive about it and it’s hard to begin to write it out. Soon!

2 thoughts on “Water Weight & Other Things.

  1. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    WOW! Your legs are looking great!! It gives me hope in losing all my weight too! Your little man is AMAZING and wonderful, i cant wait to see him… :) Hope your doing good with Ted being gone. And your healing up quite nice..


  2. Anonymous says:

    you look amazing Jami-I had the same thing happen to me. I was so swollen while in the hospital i had to sleep with these wraps on my legs that kept the circulation up by constantly pumping up with air and releasing. It will get better soon and from reading the last blog it seems to have gotten better so much already. i'm thinking about you girl.love youDanielle


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