Our Journey: Chase Journey Davis

It wasn’t what I had imagined/pictured, but it brought our beautiful son.
We decided if we had a boy, we would name him Chase Journey and as it turns out the name suits him quite well. It was quite the journey to bring him into the world. 42 hours of labor which ended with a cesarean. We are just so thankful that he is well and here with us! We are in awe!

Waiting to meet our baby. The longest wait.

July 18th @ 2:12 am
8lbs 15oz 21in

He had a rough start because of the long labor. He is so strong though!

My first time holding my little Chase.

My little sunshine is here! It’s so surreal!

He has his daddy’s eye shape, my nose and lips.

Holding onto mommy.

Ted is already blowing me away with how great of a father he is.

Daddy & Chase

He is so perfect, even in spite of his battle wounds :)

4 thoughts on “Our Journey: Chase Journey Davis

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    He is absolutely adorable… battle wounds and all! What a sweet sweet little face… and I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to finally see him and hold him in your arms. A feeling I'll understand in just 12 hours… congrats again!!


  2. Lori says:

    Hi Jami. I found your blog thru hopping around and have started following to see the little one. Chase is precious. Sounds like you have quite a story to tell one day. Hope everyone is doing well, congratulations!


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