Oh, This Belly.

tv reflection 40w 6d

My back is continuing to ache pretty badly, but that’s to be expected right now I would say. I’ve taken 3 walks today and have walked up and down our staircase 15 times. All of which I am feeling now. I’m about to take a nap because that helps me pass the day away, and it also let’s me stretch out a bit for our baby’s sake. He/she is pretty crammed, poor baby.

red wine to “induce labor” ick.
I reaaally don’t like wine. Weird huh? So I’ve now had two glasses in a week. Trying to get things a moving. I really don’t want a c-section, but nothing seems to work for me right now!

here’s to hoping, right?
Ted’s been amazing at massaging my feet lately. Obviously, there is an ulterior motive, but I’m not complaining either way. He wants to meet the baby just as bad as me. The evening primrose us supposed to soften my cervix, but not induce labor. I’ve been taking this as well. It’s made my eczema clear up pretty quickly, that’s for sure!

oh, this belly.
Notice my beautiful fingernails are gone. Another scar from the anxiety ;)

Can’t you see my daughter wearing this?!

And my son, this?

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