48 Hours.

Our appointment this morning was encouraging. How? My blood pressure had gone back down, which meant they didn’t need to schedule an emergency C section! So that is good news.

Everything still looks the same as it did yesterday morning, minus the high blood pressure. They did another ultrasound of the baby to measure the amnionic fluid and make sure the baby still had enough. The last two ultrasounds have been way different than our first 3. Meaning, our baby is so big inside right now, that we can barely see what is what inside. I mean, the doctor knows and tells us, but it’s nothing like the profile shots we were seeing at 6 months. He/she is just so crammed, you can make anything out! I could only make out the head :)
We had just enough fluid inside to be able to keep the baby safe. We measured 10, whatever that means and the point at which they would do an emergency c section is 8. So that was also good news!
What’s next? You guessed it… another appointment and this one is 48 hours away. Thursday morning at 8:50 AM (mst) we will be going in and Dr. Hill will check up on everything and most likely we will be talking about a scheduled c section. At this point, with where my body is at and where the baby is, they aren’t talking about inducing me. They are hoping that I will go into labor naturally between now and Thursday morning. I can’t imagine them letting me go through another weekend and into the 42 week because of the baby’s size and how the fluid is beginning to run low.
What do I think of this? I will probably write another blog tomorrow because I will need something to preoccupy my mind, but as of right now I am seeking peace and what I want most is our baby to come safely. We just can’t wait to meet him/her. This is so hard, this waiting game.
I really try to look on the bright side of things throughout the pregnancy with aches and ailments and such, because I really wanted to enjoy this process (and I have!) but I am really hurting! My body has just taken a toll and it is ready to have our baby. My stomach can stretch no further (I’m serious!!) and my lower back is aching pretty terribly today, which might be due to the fact that I’ve had to lie on my back for longer than is comfortable at appointments. And sleeping is hard to come by, probably due mostly to anxiety.
Anyways, here we are in the final stretch and I am finally letting pregnancy “get to me” and feeling a bit grumpy about everything going on. Please pray for me to keep a good attitude to the end! It’s pretty hard right now!
Thanks for your prayers and love! Hopefully soon we will be “introducing” you to our baby!

One thought on “48 Hours.

  1. Emma says:

    dear.. I am praying for you daily… The baby will come and it will be perfect.. Hold onto the thought of holding your precious child in your arms… soon…


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