Advice please.

Hey Mommas,

I am looking for some practical and realistic advice and tips for how to lose the pregnancy weight. I can only imagine how shocking it must be after having our babies, yet still having the pregnancy weight. I know for a fact, that I am no longer a size 3/4 and I feel like I will never be my natural size again… *sigh* it’s already kind of depressing…
Anyways, I’ve thought a lot about a “plan” and wondering how realistic it might actually be once I have our baby. So, let me know what you have done to rid yourself of the weight. Let me know how you got back to your natural size.
Since you are mothers, then you know what is realistic and what isn’t. Having a detailed “I’m going to the gym every morning for 1 hour” plan is probably not realistic. Just a guess.

10 thoughts on “Advice please.

  1. Krystal says:

    Jamie If you want to lose all that baby weight. BREAST FEED! Even doctors will tell you that. Every person I & my family know that has breast feed. Has lost all that weight plus some. Its a great way for you to lose it & its very nutritious& healthy for the baby.


  2. verrone says:

    I'm with Krystal! Nursing is God's way to get your uterus to contract back to normal size and to have you using more calories than your intake. I can't remember how many calories you burn when you nurse, but it's a ridiculously high amount. You must be patient though, as it doesn't happen overnight. FYI, the YMCA has a couple baby & mommy workouts (water and in class) that might help you ease back into working out. If you end up having a c-section like me, be patient and respect your post-surgery recovery – I promise you it will pay off in the long run…


  3. Adrienne says:

    ok so not to dis the first two posts but breast feeding didn't help me loose all my weight. in fact so many people told me breast feeding would help me loose everything. my advice, since you are asking, is to be patient with your body and give yourself at least 4-6 months. sometimes if you try to diet too soon it can mess with your milk supply. wight watchers has a plan where you can diet while nursing. you basically just add 10 points extra a day which is basically 500-600 calories more. anyway everyone is different, but i know for me it's been so hard. i lost 25 lbs and still have 15 to go and lucas is 6 months. you are beautiful and ya just don't stress about it! love ya!


  4. verrone says:

    Adrienne, you are doing AMAZING at 6 months! When I said "be patient" on my first post, I really meant several months for sure. It took me personally over a year, but I'm still SO thankful for breastfeeding as a weight losing tool. I was pretty happy with how it turned out after that time (it might have been over a year, actually). I definitely can't give you any tips that would get you back into your old clothes at 6 months… like Adrienne said, anything too drastic could jeopardize your milk supply. I want to encourage you Adrienne, that 6 months is really just the beginning, and I am so impressed with the 25lbs you already shed! Jami, if I were you, I'd give myself a year-ish or more – doing the mom&baby exercises as you can, and/or escaping to the Y when Ted is able to watch the baby (oh, and having a 'workout partner' for those times could work wonders to encourage you to actually go!). But again, all I can share is my own experience, which can be different from what you end up seeing in yourself :)


  5. Rachel says:

    Hey there! i know many people agree with the breastfeeding, but it did absolutely NOTHING for me. i have had to work off every pound. i am now smaller than i have ever been…since middle school. don't fret. it will come off. it takes hard work and time. if you need any help, let me know. i can help you out with a workout program and nutritional stuff since i am a personal trainer. can't wait to hear about your amazing birth experience! btw, are you still doing it at home or did you change your mind???Rachel :)


  6. Anonymous says:

    Jami-honestly dont worry about the weight, i dont know if its normal but i'm 15 lbs less than i was before i got pregnant.. and i lost all that weight by my 6 wk check up after Landen was born. I do agree with the one post that says if you have a c-section you will be very tender and sore for at least 6-8 weeks (i still have some numbness) dr. said it will be like that up to 6 mo. post delivery and its possible it may never go away. So rest when you can, dont exercise until your dr. says its ok to and take it easy. I know it will be hard esspecially if you are like me be taking care of the baby alone during the day (Tim had to return to work right away) When the dr. approves just take the baby for walks you will both will benefit from it. love uDanielle


  7. Simply Me says:

    Hey Jami…OK, I know everyone who's pregnant's first thought after being pregnant is that they want to get back into their pre-preggo clothes and have their body back. And I get it I've been there 2x.BUT it's also a dangerous mentality because you need to have energy, health and a good eating lifestyle for nursing, caring for your baby, etc… I know lots of women who hit the gym as quickly as they can after their 6 week check up. I really don't recommend that only because I was tired after having an infant and your body needs to recover! I think that the best thing to do for the first 5-6 months is settle into a routine with baby, breast feed (for some the pounds drop off, for some they don't but it can't hurt either way), drink lots of water and eat healthy high protein meals. Then at 5-6 months when you're feeling your energy return start working out, hitting the gym, etc..A couple things to remember: 1. Everyone looses their baby weight at different rates2. You can loose it all, but it may take work.3. It takes time! Atticus is 7 months and I'm hovering around my pre-preggo mark.4. You can do it but don't rush it!5. Buy some inbetween clothes if you can. Clothes that make you feel cute and that fit but aren't maternity. This is probably not recommended until the baby is close to 2 months.6. Don't sweat it and don't compare yourself7. Your body shape will probably be altered. Some women this doesn't happen, some it does. My goal has been to try and get to my pre-preggo weight between all my kids so that I'm not trying to catch up after I have had them all and put on 10lbs with each…


  8. The Wellingtons says:

    I'm just here to read the advice since that is soon to be my big question too! :) I've just always heard… 9 months on, 9 months off… so don't stress yourself out trying to lose it all at once. Even so, I have no idea what I'll be wearing this fall & winter because I'm sure the pre-pregnancy clothes aren't going to work! Hope you're doing well… I'm getting close to joining you in the overdue club… 2 more days and I'll be right there with ya… hopefully you'll be done by then though!


  9. Tanya says:

    This is fun, Jami! I haven't read all the other posts, but here are a few thoughts. It took probably 6-9 months for pants to fit regularly again. I think it just takes my body (hips) some time to go back to pre-baby width… so even when I had lost most of the baby weight. So what I mean is that my weight came to a stand-still, and I tried on a pair of my pants and they didn't fit. At the same weight a few months later, they fit. Second, it may depend on what kind of baby that you have as to if/how you can exercise…. Joshua was extremely high need and barely slept, so my energy was focused on staying out of sleep deprivation. Now with Aaron, he is a little more mellow and will sit in an exersaucer while Joshua and I do an exercise video (Sarah Failla gave me some recommendations and I love them!). Come on, little baby… can't wait to hear…. "it's a…."


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