What I’ve loved & What I am looking forward to.

(I am dressed here :)
What I’ve loved about pregnancy:
  • The moment when Ted and I saw the positive pregnancy test.
  • Knowing that I am carrying and taking care of someone so precious. A human being!
  • Watching in amazement, our first ultrasound of our 10 week old baby squirming around.
  • Watching my belly grow with each new week.
  • The first time I felt the baby’s movements at 13 weeks. No words could describe.
  • Feeling my baby growing and his/her movements from within.
  • Watching my stomach as he/she moved around.
  • Watching my belly bounce up and down as he/she hiccuped.
  • Spending a few minutes right before bed talking, singing and praying for our baby.
  • Watching Ted kiss my belly and speak to the baby.
  • Watching the baby respond to Ted’s voice!
  • Feeling the baby move when he/she heard me speak for the first time that morning.
  • Preparing for our baby!
  • The anticipation of not knowing when he/she will arrive and for me, not knowing the sex!
  • How this has brought Ted and I even closer.
I will miss most of the above, so I’ve heard!
What I am looking forward to (with Baby):
  • Holding my baby for the first time and many times after that.
  • Snuggles with him/her.
  • Singing to him/her face to face!
  • Knowing if it’s a him or a her!!
  • Introducing our baby to the world.
  • Watching as he/she grows.
  • Documenting every little thing (you know me…)
  • Baby’s “first…” everything.
  • Watching his/her personality develop.
  • Watching him/her look more like mommy or daddy.
  • Lying in bed with baby in between us.
  • Spending time together as a family going for walks, picnics, outings…
  • Introducing our baby to different cultures.
It’s hard to narrow these down. Many more to come after the baby arrives, I’m sure!
What I am looking forward to personally:
  • Sleeping on my tummy.
  • Getting my figure back.
  • Going for runs/walks with baby in the jogger.
  • Having a bit of caffeine here and there. Dr. Pepper, ahhh.
  • Eating sushi.
  • Doing the early morning stretch without getting a charlie horse!
  • Not having people stare at me like I am a traveling circus wherever I go.
  • Seeing my bones again. Not having balloon hands, feet and face.
  • Wearing my converse for the first time since March.
  • Fitting back into the clothes that I now love so much. It’s like Christmas!
  • Being able to do things on my own again- the simplest things I need help with right now.
I could probably right a lot more in each category but this would be a novel! I wanted to write a blog like this before baby came and since baby is deciding to camp out a bit longer, why not write today?

2 thoughts on “What I’ve loved & What I am looking forward to.

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    What a cool photo! :) You are sooooo close now! I have been trying to psyche myself up for the fact that I could go as much as maybe 10 days after my due date… and that it really is likely I will. So I figure anything before then will just be an awesome surprise. It's my way of trying to keep myself sane! I don't know if I'm totally convinced :) It has been nice to have some relaxed time with my husband though… since any day could be THE day, we haven't made many plans and it means we get to enjoy these last moments as a couple with no newborn. As ready as I am for this baby, I know we'll never get these days back, so it's nice to have a few left. Hope you're feeling well… or actually no, I hope you're feeling crampy and having contractions :) that would be ideal, right? :)


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