Infant/Baby Travel Bed.

Baby Bjorn travel bed $235

Bumble Ride carry cot $99

Peapod infant travel bed $52

Eddie Bauer infant travel bed $30

We’ve put off purchasing an infant/baby travel bed because we’re kind of wondering what is the best option! You see we rarely travel in states, just to my parents house, which is only an hour away. We travel more overseas and sometimes when we lead outreaches we travel many times in one country. Basically we need something light, easy to set up and tear down, and preferably inexpensive.
Do you have any ideas? Anything that has worked or hasn’t worked for you? We need to purchase one in the next few weeks because we will be traveling for a week or two at the end of this month and beginning of August to Oklahoma and Missouri. We will also (most likely) be traveling overseas in October – November and would need something then as well. We’d like to purchase just one that would work for in states and overseas. Do you have any suggestions?
I’ve heard the best things about the Baby Bjorn carrier but can’t believe how expensive it is! I would have to save for a while!

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