This Helpless isn’t Hopeless.

I’m aching today and not just in the pregnancy way.

My heart is really hurting and my spirit feels weary.
Each new day as I wait for our baby to make his/her arrival
My emotions sky rocket.
That could be what today is all about.
I just feel completely worn out and weary.
A lot of the turmoil within is from feeling helpless.
Helpless is seeing the people I love and care for the most really find who they are and walk in that with their everything.
Helpless as I watch them hurting.
Helpless as I watch them turning away from the very thing they need the most.
Helpless as I watch my Love go for his dreams, only to have them slowly taken away from him, little by little.
Helpless is knowing when our little one will arrive and if he/she will be healthy and safe in this world.
Helpless in the times I feel alone.
Helpless in just waiting for all of the above to be made right.
But this helpless isn’t hopeless.
I do know this much.
I will hold onto this with all of my heart.

2 thoughts on “This Helpless isn’t Hopeless.

  1. chey says:

    You are an amazing woman. You have so much love to give, and release is coming! Especially with a little one. I look up to you a lot. I wish I could be there for you all the time. I wish that I could make it so you never felt alone again. My heart aches for you, and yet, even in reading this, I feel the angst of helplessness myself.You are beautiful in so many ways. I know that, even if in avenues you don't expect, God will respond to every dream you have for you and your loved ones. Love you forever.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Jami, I, too, think you are an amazing, beautiful woman. You continually inspire me to be better, try harder, seek deeper. I know that this has been a long stretch here at the end, but God is faithful, and there is a reason for the wait. We WILL have a baby soon! Keep pressing on…your baby is the luckiest, most blessed child I have ever known! Love you forever, like Chey, Madre'


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