Dreams, Dreams, Dreams.

Last night I had another boy dream, which now makes it 2 “it’s a girl” dreams and 5 (maybe more now) “it’s a boy” dreams. I specifically asked God to not tell me through a dream or a word and so far He’s had a bit of fun messing with my mind, like Ted since they both know the sex.

So, I don’t think the dreams mean anything, unless I’m having twins. Surprise! haha.
I dreamt that I went into labor and within an hour or two delivered a healthy 9 1/2 pound baby boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He came out with rolls and the mannerisms of a two month old. I remember the delivery was so fast that I wasn’t able to get ahold of my mom in time and she missed it and was very upset. I had my family over and everyone was shocked at his size and how he already acted like a 2 month old or older. He could also already mimic people! I remember I was halling him around on my hip and thinking, when he is 6 months I won’t be able to carry him! The funny thing was, when I woke up I realized the dream dissapointed me and I felt like I had missed out on the entire newborn stage. And then the dream made me incredibly emotional because I just want to HOLD my baby and not just in my dreams!
On friday morning worship, two of my friends came to me with dreams they had.
One of them said they dreamt they were hanging out with me and my water broke and I went into labor and delivered a healthy baby boy. Blond hair, blue eyes and ears that stuck out a bit!
The other friend told me that she dreamt I went into labor and forgot to call her (she is going to be in the delivery room). She said that I had a baby girl with dark hair!
See what I mean, God is messing with my mind. Two friends with two completely opposite dreams ;)
Do you remember the post about last sundays false alarm? That same morning, Ted had a friend of ours, who didn’t know we had gone to the hospital, say that she dreamt I was going to have the baby on that day! I wish that were true!
All of this to say, I’d rather have the baby than the dreams, but I guess the dreams are making the anticipation even better. With Ted and I being complete opposites in looks…What on earth does our baby look like? I am thinking a girl with dark hair and dark eyes like me.

We shall see soon! I needed to write because of my anxious and wondering mind.
And the picture… what the heck right? A friend of mine tagged me in this photo on facebook. It made my day and I thought I would share. Plus since I am doing a ‘dreams’ blog, I thought it fit pretty well seeing I am definitely not on the cover of a Vogue magazine in real life ;)

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