Belly Cast!

After Sunday’s “fire drill” ;) my cousin Lori recommended doing a belly cast. I still had a chance! I had briefly thought about doing this, but having someone tell me how to do it, where to buy the things and how inexpensive it was, I was ready and all for it!
So here’s the process & some photos;
01:: Hobby lobby run for plaster fabric strips $9
02:: Warm water, strips, vaseline & scissors
03:: Dress for a mess
04:: Have someone dip the strips and place them strategically over the baby bump
05:: Get completely plastered (sounds pretty awful but it’s not)
06:: Let sit for 20-25 minutes (while you stand)
07:: Peel off (that part kind of hurt, but not bad)
08:: Let the belly cast dry out
09:: Paint/decorate belly cast

Mom and I in awe of this big baby bump!

All done!

This was a lot of fun and when I’m prego with our second baby (am I really talking about a 2nd, and I’m 9 months prego, YES!) it will be interesting to see the difference in how I carried. Great advice Lori!! Thank you madre!!

And WHOOOOA it’s July 1st!! 8(ish) more days and hoping for less!!

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