‘Not me Monday’ #5

Today I am a little more optimistic about waiting for the baby to come. I’m not as antsy or anxious, well at least not yet. Here is to hoping, right?

I haven’t done a ‘not me monday’ for a while, so enjoy…

This blog carnival was created by mkmama. A ‘Not me Monday’ is a funny way to ‘fess up some embarrassing things you’ve done that week… by pretending you totally did not actually do them. Here we go again!
Ted planned a movie date for us, which was supposed to happen Saturday morning. We were going to see My Sisters Keeper, because for once a preview for a movie looked worth seeing in theatre (I am more of a wait and rent it kinda girl). I did not cancel the movie date with my husband in exchange for garage saleing because I was afraid I would sob just as bad and hysterically as I did watching P.S. I love you for the 4th time the other night. Nope, not me!
I did not begin sobbing while watching P.S. I love you before the part of the movie that I cry the most at came on. I did not make my 16 year old sister incredibly uncomfortable and left to comfort her 22 year old “adult” sister ;) Nope not me!

I did not just delete the ‘not me’ paragraph that was just where I am typing now because I realized it was a tad inappropriate! Nope, not me!
After leaving the hospital incredibly disappointed yesterday (read below blog), I did not ask Ted to stop and get me a decaffeinated star bucks, hoping that would cheer me up. And as we waited in the drive thru line for our drinks, the lady at the window did not notice our hospital bags in the back and ask if we were headed to the hospital. I told her we had a false alarm and we were headed home. She did not then decide that this was the perfect time to share two birth stories with me (remember we’re in the drive thru with cars behind us). She also did not encourage me to push every time I have a braxton hicks contraction, which is what she said she did to put herself into labor with her first son! As we drove away, Ted did not look at me with excitement and say, “You should try that!” I did not roll my eyes and say “Yeah, that sounds fun and completely natural!” all the while deep inside, I did not even consider this ;) Nope, not me!

Saturday evening I did not order a medium Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza from Papa Murphys (my fav). I did not eat the entire pizza (minus 3 pieces, but only cuz Ted asked me to save him some) all by myself in a matter of a few hours. Nope, not me!
Ted just (literally) got out of the shower and came to give me a kiss and said, okay I’m going to go put some clothes on, I did not say “Go to work naked today!” thinking I am incredibly funny and I did not begin laughing hysterically. In fact, I am not still laughing. I love my pregnancy emotions! Nope, not me!

I did not chew my beautiful finger nails down to nothing in the past week due to anxiousness. Nope, not me!

I do not have toes that look like mini sausages and feet that look as bloated as a dead cow (a dead cow was the only thing that came to mind…) Nope, not me!

I do not avoid looking at full length mirrors if I can help it.
I did not eat 1.35 a scoop Chinese 4 times within the past two weeks and I definitely didn’t order 4 egg rolls each time and eat them all by myself. Nope, not me!
I obviously do not have a problem with food. Nope, not me!

I have not had extreme bouts of tears the past 3 days, nope, not me!

I do not constantly forget things and in fact forget what kind of ‘not me’ things I have done in the past 2 weeks of not updating. I know there are more but this will have to do :)

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