I dream of what I cannot fathom.

I dream of what I cannot fathom.

(Written May 11 on my suchprettyrain.blogspot.com )
I dream of that moment when I first hold you in my arms

And whisper my love to you and cry
I dream of your little eyes starting into mine
Already glowing because you know how much I love you
For I know you will!
I dream of singing “You are my sunshine”
As you lay beside me in bed and your little hand holds tightly to my finger
I dream of the moments where you lay between momma and daddy
And we watch in awe at our creation- You, our precious baby.
I dream of times during worship, where daddy will hold you against his chest
And I will probably cry because it will be the most beautiful sight
I dream of what you might look like
And you always leave me wondering, will you be dark like momma or light like daddy?
I dream of your first little smiles, your first tiny giggles, your first words…
You always leave me wondering what your personality will be!
Will you be shy like momma or bold and courageous like daddy?
Either way I know that your little smile while capture everyone!
I dream of you cuddling against me and falling asleep as I hold you closely
Those moments I will adore.
I dream of watching your daddy talk baby talk to you and you smiling and giggling in return.
I dream of our new little family beginning with excitement and joy!
I dream of who you will become and you finding who you are in Christ!
You are so precious to me, my sweet baby.
You have already taken apart of my heart and I will never ask for it back,
For you, my baby, I love and will always adore.
I dream of the first moment that I see you and they place you on my chest,
I cannot even fathom the love that I will feel in that moment.
I love you my little sunshine and can’t wait to meet you face to face in a few weeks!

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