Week 38; Anxiously Waiting.

See the stretch marks?

38 weeks!
Baby is really plumping up. He/she could weigh about 6.8 pounds and be over 19 1/2 inches long. He/she has a firm grasp and his/her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.

Lately our baby has really loved what I call “launching” off my belly. He/she extends his legs full out and pushes with all it’s little might (which is shocking to see). He/she’s done this before but now it’s really intense and funny to watch if you can catch it.

We had another appointment this week and still nothing. In fact my cervix is still hard… bummer. I am still 2 weeks out and Ted and I are preparing ourselves for the possibility that the baby might camp out until the last second. When measuring my uterus while I was laying down today, my Doctor said to me, “Wow, we’re up to 37 cm.” (14.5 in) I asked if that was a bad thing and he replied, “With how small you are, we’d prefer a small baby, wouldn’t we?” I was like, uh oh!

Now, that too doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’ve realized more and more lately, that sometimes things mean everything and sometimes things mean nothing at all. What am I talking about? Let me try to explain.

What I mean is some women carry way out (like me) and have 6/7 lb babies, some women carry side to side and have 8/9 lb babies, some women dilate early and some women begin dilating the day the baby arrives, some women have can have a hard as a rock cervix one day and the next be in labor, some women can have a cervix that’s thinning out and still go to their due date, some women have their water break as a sign of labor, some (most) don’t until a later stage of labor, etc. This is what I am talking about.

I’ve heard a lot of stories since being pregnant and most everyone has been completely different from the other. Wonder what our story will be? We shall see soon.

I’ve truly enjoyed being pregnant and have been really blessed with a wonderful pregnancy, but I can honestly say I have now reached that point where I am ready to have my baby and have him/her in my arms.

This is my mind when I crawl into bed (or anytime that I am alone for too long):

I wonder what day our baby will come? Maybe tonight my water will break! I wonder if Ted hinted the sex to me today and I missed it. I’m definitely having a girl, no I am definitely having a boy. I wonder if I’m actually carrying twins and they missed one? My belly is so huge! Or maybe I’m carrying an 8/9 lb baby! What if it’s only 6 lbs? I’ll be shocked! I wonder what
he/she looks like? Bright blond like Ted? Probably dark hair like me. I wonder if he/she has my features, Ted or both? Definitely my nose from the looks of the ultrasound. Wow- that contraction was strong… could this be it? I don’t want to start timing again and then be disappointed so let’s wait this out. I wonder if my water will break someplace weird? I hope it does break right off the bat as a sign of labor. Then I wouldn’t be left wondering “Am i really in labor?” I really need to sleep, maybe another hot shower will help or maybe it will help cause labor? I wonder if that really works? I heard it speeds things up…

That is my mind. That is annoying, huh?

This can now happen any day now or next week or a few days after our due date, and that is hard to wrap my mind around. The last big life event for me, was our wedding day (2 years ago tomorrow!) and that came with a set date. I planned, prepared and knew the date which I would marry the love of my life. I am now 9 months prego and waiting for our baby to decide when I should meet him/her!

I’ve recently had some great advice come my way. I am trying to busy my days with projects, friends, creating things, etc. Yesterday actually went by pretty quickly because I made projects and had things to do. I’m also planning dates with friends and especially my love, before the baby decides to come. Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary, which is hard to believe! I didn’t really want our baby to come on that day because I want him/her to have their own special day! Kids love their birthdays :)

So here we go, I am going to try to thoroughly enjoy these last few weeks and make the most of them!
Some cute onesies. It’s hard to believe how teeny these are and they are 3 months!!
Here is the sling my momma made for me and Baby E/C!
Today our ‘sleepy wrap’ came http://www.sleepywrap.com/, which made me super excited!
My friend Chey modeled the Sleepy wrap, cause I’m just too big to model it!

I’ve had 3 friends recommend this (well, similar kinds). If you’re prego, seriously consider saving up and buying one!

Well, thanks for reading this novel.

3 thoughts on “Week 38; Anxiously Waiting.

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    It's definitely getting hard to wait, isn't it! I had an appt. today and was so bummed to hear the doc say my cervix was closed… a different doctor said I was almost 1 cm last week. What?! Well, he said I definitely can't go backwards, so last week she must have just felt a slight opening and this week his fingertip is bigger and it felt closed. Whatever… not what I was hoping to hear, but you're completely right: everyone is so different and I could still go into labor tonight, or it could be 4 more weeks! Ahhhhh! :) I don't know how you're surviving with your husband knowing the sex and not you… but you definitely have an awesome surprise coming very soon. I just keep telling myself, it can't go on forever, really, he'll be 2 weeks late MAX so I know no matter what I'm having a baby in the next 5 weeks… less for you! :) Hang in there!


  2. Dru and Kailey says:

    Hey.. I checked out the sleepy wrap. What a great idea. I've seen them before. Which is it? chey or the one above?!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jami, I go to bed every night wondering if this will be the night I will get the long-awaited phone call that your precious child is coming this night…then I go to sleep! Sorry that you can't do the same:)! The anticipation is incredible for you, I know. I can't wait for you to hold that little bundle of love for the first time. It will be a memory imprinted on my heart for all time… I love you so much, and I hope your day comes soon! Your loving Madre'


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