Emotions Galore.

I just needed to write for my minds sake. See, I’m sitting home alone this morning and my mind won’t calm down.

This morning I had to drop Ted off at the YWAM base so he and a few others could head out for some yard work to make a little money. I dropped him off around 8am and drove to the ARC thrift store by our house because I figured it’s 50% off day and they had just opened so maybe if I saw something we needed…
Anyways, I didn’t find anything we really needed so I left. As I was walking out I looked to my left and saw there was no car and began my walk to the car and then suddenly a car flew past me (coming from the right) going at least 25 mph. I halted and put my hand on my chest. One more step and I would have been hit. I’ve never come so close to being hit in my life.
After the shock, I immediately began crying. And a lady and her daughter who witnessed the entire thing, came over to me and began to try and comfort me saying, “Some people are so rude and thoughtless, I’m sorry honey”. I went to my car and just sobbed.
I’m still pretty shaken up. I can’t help but thinking about the “what ifs” which isn’t helping at all. I called Ted, then my dad, then talked with my mom about it. Trying to calm down and see the reality… Baby is okay. I am okay.
Just needed to write and express. Phew.

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