Week 35: Ready & Waiting.

check out my swollen hands!

I had to post a pic of my swollen face and my mask of pregnancy. See my brown nose, my two patches on my cheeks and dark line mustache? :)


Baby doesn’t have much room to maneuver now that he/she’s over 18 inches long and weighs approx. 5 1/4 pounds. Baby’s kidneys are fully developed now, and his/her liver can process some waste products. Most of his/her basic physical development is now complete — now he/she’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight, which Momma is feeling. I wonder just how much our little one really weighs… curious!

Occasionally it just hits me full force, that I am carrying a living, breathing human being inside of me. Definitely the best thing I’ve ever helped create! It’s such a miracle! I truly love being pregnant and have been blessed with a great pregnancy, but I can’t wait for that moment when our little Sunshine is in my arms! I do hear of women missing their growing bellies and I can imagine that it will take some time getting used to not having such a large belly. Walking and sleeping should be a lot easier, I’m guessing. :)

How am I feeling? Still great! We’re 5ish weeks out and the thought of soon holding our baby helps soothe every aching moment and restless night.

Our first baby shower was incredible and we were blessed above and beyond what we could have imagined (Thank You if you were there!). Ted and I knew God would provide, but for weeks now we’ve been kind of worried about living by support only and trying to figure out how to get everything we need. And for me, in my nesting mode, it’s been incredibly hard that we weren’t buying things we needed before his/her arrival!

At our shower, we received almost everything we needed and with the money & gift cards we were able to buy the rest of the things we really need before he/she comes! Once Baby E/C arrives we will be having a shower here at YWAM for gender specific clothes. I like the YWAM showers too because the community knows us really well, so they tend to buy cute baby things based on what mom and dad’s style is! I can’t wait.

I will post some pics of the shower when I can. One of my Aunt’s made an incredible baby cake based on the colours of our bedding and the elephants. It turned out amazing!
This weekend we have a 6 hour long childbirth class, along with finishing the deep clean of our house (still)! It should be busy but well worth it. On Tuesday next week we will be painting our living room Red w/black accents and rearranging the last bits of everything. Then we will be completely ready!
Oh and don’t forget to guess our baby’s arrival here: http://bebepool.com/go/?a=Colourherhope&view=list !

Until next time (knowing me, probably tomorrow),

One thought on “Week 35: Ready & Waiting.

  1. Abie Bowker says:

    Jami, I entered my info in the baby pool. It will be fun to see how it turns out…you didn't tell me that the baby had dropped! WoW! I'll be there with bells on! Madre/Marmie


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