"Detours of a dream".

I’ve shared below, some of the things God is stirring up in us and leading us in, but we aren’t really seeing any movement forward. We are still waiting to hear from leadership here about the school we’ve proposed and the steps we need to take to get this started and we are even waiting to see if we will be apart of this in any way. It’s really difficult to not get worried or not to doubt that we heard God speaking.

During our staff meeting this week, a man came and spoke on the “Detours of a dream”. He spoke about how God had given Joseph a dream and how Joseph walked through many trials and detours before this dream was actually fulfilled. It was encouraging to remember this and to see God fulfill His promise. Now, I do not know if we are hitting a detour or just trials, but we definitely need your prayers.
Please pray for Ted and I to continue to seek after God’s heart in this dream and pursue what He is asking of us, even if it requires a lot of stepping out.
One last prayer request is for Ted. He has such a desire to work in the communication department and with every new quarter that rolls around he serves faithfully and whole heartily but never yet has been put in the communications department. In fact, if we are not leading an outreach or working a school, he has been in automotive or maintenance the entire time on staff. Somedays I ache so much for him to be where I am, because it’s not only his desire, but I know he would make the most out of the time. He would learn so much in video, photography, photoshop, web, etc. And he would help better things here at the base. I know this, because he is my husband and I really want others to see his heart and desire.
The thing about Ted is that he will serve wherever he is put and he does a great job. He is an excellent leader but sometimes his desires and true talents get over looked. Please pray for this opportunity to arise! He would be ecstatic!!

2 thoughts on “"Detours of a dream".

  1. Joel says:

    hey Ted and Jami, I was just reading a few of your blogs. I'm in prayer for you guys! I love reading about how you guys work together. The journalism part of your school idea sounds cool to me. What I love about Ted is that he goes after his dreams. He is faithful, yes, but I think he is also true to himself and to where he feels God leading him. I remember what a huge step it was for Ted to pack up all his belongings and move to Denver. So many wonderful things have happened because Ted followed the desires that have grown inside of him. Ted, your courageous heart has been such an encouragement to me. I miss you guys!


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