Baby’s 1st Attempt to Arrive.

vrMany of you are asking me what is going on and some of you will have no idea what I am talking about… well at least until you read below.

First, let me say our baby is completely healthy and “text book perfect” according to one nurse! Okay so now I sound like we’ve actually had the baby, which Praise God he/she is still growing inside!
Wednesday evening I was feeling pretty achy and having some odd pressure below. I figured that I am just 34 weeks pregnant and it’s typical. So I of course updated my facebook status to share what I was feeling. (haha) By the time Ted and I went to bed, I realized that I was actually having contractions. I thought they were just good ole Braxton Hicks. Ted was on the phone ’til 10:30 and as soon as he was off he noticed I was struggling. He began timing them and sure enough I was having 3-4 in ten minutes. I’ve never had them this close or this bad (and it wasn’t even that painful). So we read online and in a few of our books about preterm labor and everything we read told us to go in. We decided to go to sleep and wait it out, because I wasn’t in pain. Which now I know you don’t have to be having intense pain to be having true blue contractions. I thought it would be obvious!
I woke up a few times in the night and then by 3:30 am I woke up and immediately grabbed my phone and called our hospital which gave me a nurse hotline (I later realized I was supposed to call my Dr. and he will probably chat with me about this on my tuesday appointment). The nurse on the phone told me that I was having the contractions too close together and I should go to the hospital.
So I woke Ted and we headed to the ER which was thankfully only 10 minutes away. We were immediately seen, probably because I have a baby inside =). I’m trying to make this very long story short… but I’m terrible at that.
Basically, they hooked me up to a monitor, strapped a pink band around my lower abdomen to check the contractions and a blue band around my upper belly to monitor our baby. Our nurse told me to let her know when I was having a contractions, so I did and I only told her of two. Within 10 minutes she told me that I had actually had 6 already! I was shocked because I thought they would be way more obvious. She told me that many women don’t even know they are in labor until it’s pretty far along! She also told me that towards the end, I would definitely know I was having contractions.
So yes, I was having contractions. They checked me out, um below, and my cervix was still long and hard (I was so relieved to hear this) and that I was not yet dilated. She called my Doctor and he told her to give me a shot of, I can’t remember what, and it would help calm my uterus down. We left the hospital around 8 am, I was still having contractions and they told me to rest and let the shot calm me down and drink plenty of fluids. If there was no change by evening I was to come back. The contractions and how close they were could potentially lead to preterm labor, which we definitely did not want!
Anyways, I spent Thursday in bed all day, drinking tons of water, using the bathroom a ton because of this and sleeping. It was fairly painless but by the evening my back and lower body were aching the worst I’ve ever had, but the contractions were slowing down steadily.
Today I’ve had a few, but as of right now we are in the clear. Baby wanted to come early, but we are just not quite ready!
Sorry this is speedy and I really hope that it covers everything! I have a busy weekend ahead along with out first baby shower. I told baby while we were in the hospital… “Can you at least wait ’til we have our first shower and we have everything you need?!”
Our baby decided to listen and I am happy and thrilled to say I am still pregnant!

2 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st Attempt to Arrive.

  1. Jess says:

    Wow! I didn’t know you could have contractions and not even realise! I’m 38 weeks tomorrow and am getting period-like pains every now and then, but that’s it. I hope I know when the real thing starts!



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