‘Not me Monday’ on a Tuesday.

Another ‘not me Monday’ post only this time, on a Tuesday!
This blog carnival was created by mkmama. A ‘Not me Monday’ is a funny way to ‘fess up some embarrassing things you’ve done that week… by pretending you totally did not actually do them. So here goes;

‘Not me!” #2:
I did not forget to do a ‘not me Monday’ post yesterday. Nope, not me!
I did not accidentely get toothpaste on the shirt covering my baby bump while brushing my teeth and I did not wear that shirt to work because I hadn’t realized it!
On Wednesday, I did not cry after calling and wishing my youngest sister happy 16th birthday… I’m never that emotional, nope not me!
During my reception postition on Thursday, I did not answer the phone with “Hello” instead of “Youth with a mission Denver, this is Jami, how may I help you?. And when they responded with, “Is this Youth with a Mission?” I did not say, “This is Jami…” Like they had called my cell phone! So unprofessional, Nope, not me!

During my biweekly checkup at the clinic this week, I did not at first close my eyes as the nurse weighed me and I did not then peek once I heard her slide the little thing over and I definitely did not see an even higher number than I did two weeks before. I also did not make my disappointment obvious causing the nurse to laugh at me. Nope, not me!
While doing our laundry last week, I did not accidently leave a permanent marker in Ted’s pants pocket and I did not then wash our lights load with this permanent marker and it did not ruin on of my favourite shirts and I did not stain most of his undershirts because of this marker. Nope, not me!
It did not take me 22 minutes to walk (well, waddle) around the pond by our work which usually take me a matter of minutes. I am much faster than that, so nope, not me!

While running errands, I did not wet myself a little too much when I sneezed two times in a row, causing me to run home to change. Nope, not me! (My first time, okay… and I’m 34 weeks!)

When I first wrote the above ‘not me’ post about wetting myself, I definitely did not forget what week I am and write 24 weeks instead of 34… My mind is a lot more in tune than that, so nope not me!

When waking up thirsty at 4am, I did not chug Sprite because I was too lazy to find my water bottle and it did not immediately give Baby E/C hiccups. What a terrible mother I would be, nope, not me!

I did not wake up at 4:40 am this morning for no apparent reason (other than the quick bathroom run). And I did not wake my sleeping husband and hour later because I wanted to talk baby and hang out. Nope, not me!
I do not get up to use the bathroom at least 3 times a night now a days. Nope, not me!

I do not spill food or a beverage somewhere on my shirt at least once a day.

I do not always forget about the many embarrassing things I do throughout the week and only write a few on my blog. Nope, not me!

2 thoughts on “‘Not me Monday’ on a Tuesday.

  1. Adrienne says:

    you’re hilarious and really good at the not me monday blogs. one i am not creative enough to write a blog like that and two i can’t even remember what i did yesterday. ahah. how are you feeling?


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