Our Crib!

Looking up instructions on the web.

Cribs are more complicated than we thought. This was our 2nd attempt!

My job was to hand him these little items.

The final product! So surreal!

Ted wanted to put the “daddy’s little alarm clock” onesie on the bed, which I thought was precious!

This makes everything more real!

Ted said maybe we should push our bed against the wall and I told him it was okay. He was like, “You just want to be as close to the baby as possible huh?” He caught me =)
As we put the crib together it began to hit Ted more than ever before. As we placed the crib sheet set, the bumber and the mobile on Ted was helping and kept saying, “Soon our baby will be in here. Wow.” I’m glad we did this now for many reasons but it’s so incredible to see his daddy side more and more each day!

5 thoughts on “Our Crib!

  1. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    The crib, again, is so cute…!Its kinda funny with the name. Its always been one of Dans Favorite names and when we had just gotten together i remember a conversation about baby names, and he brought up Bodie and i actually laughed and said NEVER…lol After the first ultrasound the original name we had went out the door and i decided i LOVED Bodie and had to convince him i did.. Anyways Its after a famous skier, and its nams is something like messenger…It goes off like a root name, b/c Bodie is so original…Ok hope I as well make sense to you..lol prego minds


  2. Anonymous says:

    The crib is adorable! and i love the onesie!! That is so cute about Ted, i’m so excited for you two. You will be amazing parents! love youDanielle


  3. Simply Me says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up moving the bed in the end :) it’s nice to not stub your toe when you get out of bed for nighttime feedings :)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Jami and Ted, Nice JOB! Everything is coming together, isn't it? Now you just need that baby to make it complete! Love you…really, nice job! Madre'


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