Taking Your Hand.

I spend a lot of my time wondering what You are doing, instead of just trusting that You know how to lead us. You know where You are taking us and that should be good enough, but for some reason, my mind thinks that it isn’t.

So many times You’ve reached out and asked us to take your hand and trust You and so many times we’ve done so with such hesitancy, fearing the unknown, yet every time you grasp our hand in Yours so tightly and lead us right to where we need to be.
You walk with us through the times where it seems so desolate and lonely. The times where everything seems to be going wrong. The times where we fall hard and have a rough time getting back up. The times where we cry because it hurts so much inside. The times where we rejoice. The times when we laugh.
Yes, through every valley, every shadow, every trip, every stone thrown our way, every word that we have said, you still grasp our hand tightly. Never to let us go.
Thank You for always being there, even when we were so blind to Your presence. I know you were there through the good times and the bad. Through the thick and the thin.  Through the ugly, painful times and the beautiful times of restoration.
You’ve never let us go.

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