My Ted.

Sunday is my Ted’s 24th birthday. A celebration!

This morning I picked up a dear friend of his from the airport as a surprise and when Ted saw him, he almost cried. He was so touched by how much his friend loves him.
I realized this morning, as I watched the two of them hug, just how much my husband needs affirmation, encouragement and to know that he is loved just as much if not more than I think I need them.
I realized I spend a lot of my time with him, talking about how I am doing, the things I am struggling with, the ways that I need to feel loved and complaining even still. It’s all about me.
I am determined to let him know, each and every day, just how much I love him. I am determined to encourage him and affirm him.
I also realize that God is His ultimate source of encouragement, affirmation and love, otherwise he would probably be a mess. He is composed and know how much God loves him and that makes a huge difference in how he lives.
But I also know that there are certain encouragements, affirmations and love that only a wife could give to him and that is what I am writing about today.
My Ted is a passionate, inspiring, creative man of God. He is everything that a girl could ask for in a husband and more. He is man with many visions, dreams and life goals that I know he will pursue until the end. He is my lover, my prince charming and my best friend. He know who he is in Christ and chooses to walk in complete fullness.
I am proud to call him my husband and I am thankful to God for bringing us together as one.
I am thankful for this opportunity to embark on this journey together and watch as our dreams collide into this beautiful array of colours.

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