Late & Awake with A Racin’ Mind.

Yes, so here I am awake! I can’t believe it actually. I woke this morning around 5 am, on a Saturday. My night last night was a rough one. I had a BHC all night long. One solid one. For the second time this pregnancy. I have an appointment on Tuesday and I will ask them what is going on. Our baby is still moving often, so I’m not too worried.

Random Ramblings:

– Did I mention yet that I love our new clinic? I don’t remember, but I do! I will share more on this later.

-My chest size is definitely a DD now. TMI?… you’ll probably be hearing things a little more intimate than booby sizes after I post the birth story =)

-I painted again today, but I feel like I didn’t accomplish much. I painted our cabinets, some drawers and attempted to paint a coffee table only to paint and to find that it peels right off with a scrap of your nail. That’s what I get for being lazy and not sanding it. Luckily it didn’t even damage the wood below!

-Nesting is causing me to sleep less and less. I finished our bedroom/baby room on Tuesday (as you know). I am sad to say my satisfaction only lasted one day. I woke Wednesday morning LOVING the bright room, but by evening I was already thinking about putting the crib together, painting out living room, etc. Hence getting up at 5 am on a Saturday morning.

-Walking around at Target today- Ted just kept staring at me all funny. I would glance his way and he’d just smile big. I asked him why he was acting silly and he told me, “I just love your belly and the way you walk. It’s so cute.” What a goof! All I can say is I am thankful he still thinks I am cute! I feel like a whale! (I’ve actually always wanted to say that- I mean, not always, but when we were trying to have a baby I would think about what it would be like to have such a big belly and say that phrase. Weird, I know).

-I pulled out my entire wardrobe to try everything on AGAIN. I knew my chest grew and that shirts definitely won’t be fitting the same. This time, even maternity clothes made it to the “too small pile”!

-I can no longer enjoy the early morning stretch- you know… the one when you first wake up and stretch your legs and sigh? Yeah that’s a no-no for me anymore! I get a charlie horse EVERYTIME! Sometimes even if I sneeze I get it. In my calve and it hurts SO bad. Ted tries to be helpful and rub it out but then I just end up punching his arm. It’s hysterical actually. It’s already brought us many laughs. (I read it’s due to the increased blood volume).

-We found yet another outfit which reads “Little Sunshine” with a dang cute little sun. It’s green and def. for a girl but we could make it work. Just kidding.

-I redid our site colours because everyone was right. I WAS girly. I can’t help myself. I am convinced on most days that this is a girl. This is more neutral. Right?? I also found a super cute cloud layout that I might change it to later if I feel guilty about the girly affects.

Alright, attempt #2 to sleep. Hopefully now that I’ve emptied on here I can sleep!
x- Jami & Baby E/C who is also wide awake

One thought on “Late & Awake with A Racin’ Mind.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that being up in the night or up early is God's way of preparing us for being up with a baby…just a thought. Love you, Madre'


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