A Little Distracted but Here We Are!

Oh my, I’ve been a little distracted lately from updating our blog! My (Jami’s) last post was in February! I’m so sorry! I updated our baby blog on a regular basis, but that doesn’t explain anything about what Ted and I are up to these days.

You are probably wondering just that. What are we doing this quarter?
Ted is running the maintenance department (like he did in the fall) and this time things seem to be running a bit more smooth than before. He is still busy as ever, sometimes even on weekends and with his phone ringing off the hook usually. That part is kind of a bummer, especially right now as we prepare for our baby! But God gives you the grace you need in these situations. Nothing is too hard or impossible to handle when you walk in Him. Ted is also leading worship here and there, which is a blessing! He is passionate about that and always enjoys it. Ted recently started a photography group here at YWAM Denver, which basically anyone with a Digital SLR can come and learn about the camera and lighting and how to take a good photo, etc. This saturday will be our first outing, so that should be fun. We will basically meet once a week with some kind of teaching and everyone can bring things to the table. During that week, we will go out and put everything to practice and each new week we will bring something back to share.
Well other than being super prego right now (30 weeks with only 10 weeks to go)… I am currently working in the web department, updating the website and trying to learn graphics as well. I am also receptionist one day a week. At times things can get hectic, but really I am blessed to be able to relax and really enjoy the work I am doing. You would probably never take me as a web kinda girl… but I actually really love it! I get a maternity leave starting in June, but I am feeling really good right now and I will continue to come into work until basically the baby comes. I want to remain in community as much as possible and when you are gone for even a week, here it feels like a month and it sometimes takes a while to get caught up.
Prayer requests:
  • Future– God is doing something seriously incredible right now. We will share in more detail, well when He shares with us! It’s exciting!
  • Relationships– balance between work and our relationship as a married couple soon going to be parents, our friendships and relationships with co workers.
  • Finances– we are slowly but surely preparing for our baby but this is one area we are still worried about sometimes! It will no longer be just us and that can be frightening.
  • Trusting God with ALL things.
I have really been struggling with loneliness lately. I think most of it is my pregnancy and emotions right now, also with Ted being busy all of the time with little time for us (he tries so hard to make it happen though). I haven’t struggled with feeling alone for a long time now so this all makes me wonder what is going on. I even have backed away a bit from the community in my insecurities which haven’t been with me for a while. I don’t know what is bringing everything back up but I want it to go away and especially before our baby comes. I am writing because this is seriously something I want prayer for.
I know you all care and will be praying and that means the world to me.
We love you all and appreciate your prayers and love to us!
Jami, Ted and Baby E/C
p.s. for everyone who lives close by… we are having a Share Dish at my parents new home in Timnath on May 17th at 5 PM. Ted and I will be sharing some exciting possibilities for our future and we can all fellowship and eat some good food too! Come by! RSVP to Jami @ Colourherhope@gmail.com

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