You Know Your Prego When #3

I am receptionist at YWAM on Thursdays, so… I spend a lot of time either reading about baby or researching things online or writing on our blog. Hence this LONG post.

You know you’re prego when:

*you ask the same question 5 times because you can’t remember the first 4 answers
*you tell your husband in excitement that you just pooped cuz you’ve been constipated for a few days and they kindly respond “Oh, well that’s good babe!” because poop isn’t usually a topic we talk about, um ever.
*you are usually very active and all of a sudden walking up stairs alone makes you want to take a nap.
*you throw your trash in the sink and your plate in the trash
*you get out of the shower, into a towel, look in the mirror and are shocked at how wide you look!
*you try to squeeze by something or someone like you normally would, and instead hit the person or thing with your belly… awkward!
*When something falls on the floor in the car and you watch it roll back and forth b/c you cant reach it to pick it up… (I’m always afraid to hurt baby!)
*the first thing thing you search for in a store or any place is the bathroom, just in case
*you sneeze or cough and sometimes come close to peeing your pants
*you laugh and your stomach becomes the most hilarious shape and your almost outty belly button pops out with each giggle causing you to laugh even more!
*you feel an odd tap on your chest when the baby kicks, and realize that you’re belly has finally caught up with your top half, and your top now rests on your belly!
*you and 5 others around you are pregnant yet since you are the shortest you hear all of the comments of comparrison in size with others… what I’d give to be even 3 inches taller! The comments would cease!(Somedays this makes me super sad!)
*you can’t see your feet because of your growing baby and belly and when you do finally lean over your belly to see your feet, you are thankful you can’t see them everyday because they are swollen beautifully =)
*you can no longer see the underside of your belly and sometimes don’t even know it’s exposed until you see a mirror, or a friend says “Aw, that’s so cute” or your man says, “Babe! Pull your shirt down!”
*When hubby automatically turns the hall light on before bed time, cause he knows how much you get up to pee thorough the night.
*When the cheesy “baby on board” car sticker all of a sudden catches your attention and you want to put in on NOW so maybe then crazy drivers will be more cautious around you and your precious cargo!
*you scream out in pain cuz the little one decides to kick ya in the cervix, and your hubby thinks your going into labor… (I’m learning to handle the reactions better now, poor Ted)
*you are in line at the grocery and strangers begin to give you parenting advice!(No complete stranger has touched my belly …yet)
*you get a coffee and a stranger or co-worker asks you if it’s decaf or not. Kind of annoying!
*you have crazy vivid, colourful dreams, wake up and want to share with with your hubby, then realize you can’t remember any of it.
*flip flops become your everyday shoe attire starting in winter
*you no longer have a favorite side to sleep on, because baby changes position so much! It’s whatever side the baby chooses!
*you wish you were taller than 5’1 more than ever before and would appreciate longer arms for reaching things as well.
*you go to a store or mall and most people just stare. I mean STARE! Like they’ve never seen a prego before! It’s pretty funny!
*you feel like the amazon river couldn’t provide enough water to quench your thirst!Water becomes your new best friend- took me a while, but I can’t go without it now and before I was prego I hated drinking it.
*you get so hot that you stand in the bathroom for a few minutes running ice cold water over your hands and arms and it’s only 60 outside!
*you have a breakdown because one of the guys in the house ate the last of something you are saving.
*you are now used to waking up at 4 am, using the bathroom and chatting with baby ’til they go back to sleep. (Good prep. I think) =)
*you ask to use the hospitality bed or a student’s bed to take a “quick” nap while at work.
*your husband still finds your belly button as the coolest thing ever and must always pokes it.
*your friends also love your growing belly and belly button and refer to it as “aw it’s so cute, you’re little nub”… haha
*the blotchy brown patches on your face make you want to wear foundation for the first time in your life.
*even with every new growth, kick in the ribs, pressure on the bladder or punch in the cervix, you still are in awe of your little one’s movements and wouldn’t trade them in for anything!

Whoa… I wrote so much and I feel like I’m leaving things out. There will be a #4 before long, I guarantee!

One thought on “You Know Your Prego When #3

  1. Hannah says:

    This totally had me laughing because it’s so true!~My aunt did my henna when I was pregnant- any kind of red or brown is fine, look for something that says it’s authentic Indian for the best color. And don’t get black henna- it’s mixed with a really toxic chemical.~You’re beautiful mama- great pics as always.


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