Week 26: A time to rest or A time to nest?

Well, here they are – week 26 photos. Two posts ago, I posted the info on Baby E/C, so check that out.

I am feeling super antsy lately, at every second I need to be doing something. Within the last month, I’ve deep cleaned things that I never have, I’ve sorted, organized, and even thrown things away (which is a huge deal for this pack rat). Today Ted and I were talking about why I am like this so suddenly, and wondering if it is because we can’t quite begin the setting up of the crib, or painting, or buying/making things, or even do the registry yet. We are so close, with so much to do, but can’t do most things yet. Mostly due to events we have coming up this month, pushing our nesting into May.

I used to wonder why my mom was always moving, or always felt the need to do something productive, and now I believe 110% that it is a motherly-instinct thing. I used to be able to just chill, do nothing, and not care about it, and now it’s incredibly hard for me! I would say pray for me, but I actually love being like this- at least right now. I guess, just pray for balance with it, that way when it is time to just chill and do nothing, I will.

Also, I’ve really been feeling nauseous again, along with having some low lows and high highs emotionally which I haven’t really struggled with since the first trimester. I actually feel like I am newly pregnant again. I even have intense bouts of exhaustion, where I must sleep NOW. That hasn’t happened for a while either. Please pray for me, because I am the only one in the web department this quarter, which means I need my mind alert!! I had to take a nap twice this week during my web slots!

Seriously I am almost done =)
I have two funny stories to post about my prego brain, but I will write those with the week 27 update.

Jami & Baby E/C

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