Mardi Gras Reflections

Hello Everyone sorry it has been so long since our last post! I wanted to write up a though I had on my trip to Mardi Gras. (Ted)

The streets of New Orleans were just as everyone described; Rich architecture, Good food, and Beautiful music. As I wandered around I found myself people watching. Not the tourist who come to drink the nights away in a crowded street with chaotic music bumping away. but of the locals who call this unique place home.
There was this man who was set up on a bench. He had a cheap little amp and a fairly cheap classical guitar. You could here him playing at the back part of Jackson Square in front of the church. As I walked up to spectate his show I found myself some what lost in the music. He played many well known Classical hits, but he played them with a conviction that was mesmerizing. It seemed as though the music brought stimulation to all 5 senses.
After a time he put the guitar down. Grabbed for a bottle of whiskey and drank. I was shocked to find that he was drunk. I felt sad as i realized how I had forgotten that humanity has the finger print of God on it. This man was not a shallow drunken hobo with no soul, No he was a human who has an understanding that there is beauty. Now I don’t know What he believes, but I do know that he was expressing something beautiful to the world. I believe that God is Beautiful, and as we show beautiful things we bring a greater understanding to the Beauty that he is. Just as we love one another we bring greater understanding of how He is Love.
I wonder how many times do I keep the beautiful things that I see inside…….When there is a hurting world that desires to see beauty, because it brings hope. I want to express the beauty inside of me because I want to express God.
Let’s take time to express the beauty we see around us!

2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Reflections

  1. Bowker Family says:

    Ted, I love the way you express your heart through words. You truly “SEE” things with your heart, and I appreciate that. Thanks for sharing.


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