Week 19: Poking Love.

BEFORE you see these pictures…We decided to take pics of me trying to get the baby to kick. It doesn’t usually kick on demand :) SO I poke it sometimes… not too hard though! I know, it’s weird, but here are some pics. Also some of our 18 week ultrasound. We go back for another checkup March 3rd to check the placenta and the baby’s anatomy. Hopefully next time baby will sit still!

2 thoughts on “Week 19: Poking Love.

  1. Anonymous says:

    HAHA dont worry i do the same thing. esspecially in the beginning i would poke or rub my belly to get him to move for Tim. you look beautiful girl! i’m so happy for you guys!-Danielle


  2. Bowker Family says:

    Pretty soon that little one is going to be poking you and saying “Time to get up, Mommy” – that will be the payback for all those times of trying to wake E/C up! I remember when Kaden would yell from his crib, “It’s morning time”, usually VERY EARLY. Remember those home videos of you guys outside at like 7 am? Those were the days…weren’t they? I love you… Madre’


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