The Prego Life of Jami.

You know your pregnant when (#2):

-20 minutes after eating a snack/meal you’re hungry again
-.5 ounces in your bladder inside feels like 30 gallons, and you have to go NOW and often
-you wake up 1-2 times a night because your little one kicks ya, or you have to pee… again
-you begin to grow peach fuzz in the most unattractive places such as; the back of your neck (yep!) and your belly
-you’re nails and hair grow at the speed of lightning – including leg & armpit hair, yikes.
-you wake up from the most vivid, colourful, even life-like dream and immediately forget it
-you find yourself exhausted but can’t sleep when bedtime rolls around
-you feel the baby moving ALL of the time and stop as soon as you say the words “quick, come and feel!” to anyone
-your breasts feel like shot-put balls – each!
-you jog or run suddenly from one place to another, stop and feel like you ran with a bowling ball inside your uterus. OUCH!
-you suddenly stand, twist, or even sneeze and it feels like someone was yanking on the muscles from your lower abdomen to your chest
-your belly button begins to spread with each developing week, looking more and more like a crater with a foreign object inside
-peeing is the best feeling in the world, and you almost always have to sigh
-you go to tie your shoes and because of the pressure below you to tie your shoe laces on the side rather than on top
-every week you stand in from of the mirror thinking, there is no way my body can possibly stretch any farther… and it does, and you quickly realize this is only the beginning
-you feel something inside poke, kick, punch, squirm – recognize it’s your baby, and almost sob with excitement and joy
-girly or tragic movies are out of the question because you’ll just end up using an entire box of tissue & your man’s shoulder
-you now can’t watch the parts of the movies where the woman is giving birth – or even listen to it
-you sleep an entire afternoon and can still fall asleep by 8pm – unless the insomnia decides to kick in that night :)
-your husband find your belly button the most hysterical thing in the world is always saying, “Please, can i poke it?”
-even the little flutters or sudle movements from within never make you yawn or bored
-spelling words like subtle, take you 15 minutes to spell and spell check becomes more and more handy (look at above spelling of subtle, see what I mean?)

more to come, I am sleepy and out of things to write.

One thought on “The Prego Life of Jami.

  1. Bowker Family says:

    Jami…I still tie my laces to the side after being pregnant with all of you…And, sorry for recommending Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I felt bad after reading this!


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