Week 18: Quite the Kicker.

Today we had an appointment with the clinic. (We are still in the process of transferring everything over to our midwife Judy, until then we get checkups with both). Our baby is quite a kicker! Monday when we first visited with our home birth midwife, she used a stethoscope type thing to hear our baby’s heartbeat, and I could actually see the baby kicking her! Then today, during our clinic visit, our baby kicked up a storm while getting checked out, and the same thing happened when they went to hear the heartbeat. I find it super funny, and can’t help but laugh when I see him/her kicking like that.

Anyways, our baby is measuring 4 oz & 3 cm bigger than the week that he/she is! It explains a lot with the movement I feel often. No wonder, he/she is already measuring big! Now, this doesn’t mean I am farther along than I really am, because that is almost impossible.

My heart did sink at one point, when the lady doing our ultrasound asked me, “Have you had bleeding?” and “Are you sure you didn’t have bleeding at any point?” I knew something wasn’t quite right. She then went on to show me the placenta had an extra “something” on it. She said it could be one of a few things: another placenta, just an extra loop in the placenta, or a hematoma (only this doesn’t make sense because I never bled)… So I left still clueless as to what this is!

Please pray for the baby to keep growing, and that this won’t affect him/her, so far the baby is growing A TON! I am feeling peace right now, and I’m going to call my midwife Judy soon to see what she says. The doctor at the clinic didn’t seem to be worried, that made me feel a bit better.

Is measuring, well according to babycenter.com – 5 1/2 inches. Our baby is measuring bigger, like I shared above. That doesn’t mean our due date is earlier than we thought, it just means it’s growing faster right now. His/her blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they’re still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he’s born.

Hungry often, using the restroom way more that I ever have, sleepy, and growing. I’ve gained 7 pounds already. One day I was weighed immediately after eating Chipotle and about died when I read the scale. The biggest I’ve ever been, only to get bigger :) My breasts and tummy are where my weight is, at least for right now. Thankfully!

Thanks for caring, reading my ramblings, & praying for us.
Jami & Baby E.

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